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FinTech Startup io.finnet Partners with MPC Alliance to Accelerate Adoption of MPC Technology in Finance and For Corporates

LONDON, March 9 2023 - io.finnet, a fintech startup, aims to lead the fintech industry with its suite of innovative products, the company is set to create cryptographic security and digital assets solutions and integrate them into the financial industry & corporate.

"Blockchain technology, and by extension, our infrastructure, has the ability to tackle the issues that emerged in 2001, 2008, and 2022", said Gregory Pepin, CEO of io.finnet, "We are developing a trustless environment with as the solution to meet the regulatory and compliance requirements of today's financial landscape".

Their comprehensive range of products includes io.vault, a self-custody solution for businesses to manage their digital assets;, a 24/7 instant settlement platform leveraging exclusive infrastructures such as io.ID for compliant and transparent identity transactions, io.chain a permissioned blockchain, and io.sign for preventing unauthorized access and data alteration in transactions.

“Our ambition is to bring the best of cryptographic technology (and security) to the traditional world of finance & corporations. By combining our cutting edge MPC/TSS cryptography with our enterprise blockchain, we have created a new protocol for finance & corporates allowing us to democratize MPC technology”, said io.finnet’s CEO, Gregory Pepin.

In order to advance the adoption of MPC (multi-party computation) technology in the financial industry,  io.finnet has officially joined the MPC Alliance, a global network of companies working in the same space. As a member of the MPC Alliance, io.finnet will collaborate with other leading fintech companies, researchers, and academics to advance the development and implementation of MPC technology in finance. MPC technology is a form of secure multi-party computation that enables multiple parties to jointly compute a function on their private inputs without revealing any information about those inputs.

"io.finnet is a great addition to the MPC Alliance," said Frank Wiener, President of the MPC Alliance, "Their expertise in fintech and their commitment to innovation will be invaluable as we work together to advance the adoption of MPC technology in finance."

"We're proud to join forces with the MPC Alliance to accelerate awareness, acceptance, and adoption of MPC technology and to explore the unlimited possibilities and use cases enabled by MPC" said Gregory Pepin, CEO of io.finnet.

By joining the MPC Alliance, io.finnet will have access to the latest research and best practices in MPC technology, as well as opportunities to collaborate with other leading companies in the industry. The MPC Alliance currently includes more than 50 member companies from around the world, including established financial institutions, cutting-edge fintech startups, and leading companies like Meta or Salesforce.

About io.finnet

io.finnet is a FinTech group with a global reach. They are dedicated to reshape modern finance, and foster financial innovation and inclusion by building a secure, seamless, and regulatory-friendly infrastructure to the financial world. They offer solutions to traditional financial institutions, corporates and crypto companies to enhance and grow their businesses.  

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About the MPC Alliance:

The MPC Alliance is a global network of 50 companies of all sizes, from highly innovative startups to global players, with the shared mission to accelerate the adoption of multi-party computing (MPC) technology in the financial industry. The organization brings together leading fintech companies, researchers, and academics to collaborate on research, best practices, and the development of MPC technology. The MPC Alliance aims to promote the adoption of MPC technology in finance, with a focus on security, privacy, and data protection.

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