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A 24/7 instant settlement platform

Digital Asset infrastructure for clients trading and operations. Connect with a network of forward-thinking institutions to maximize synergies

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A private blockchain that allows 24/7 instant settlement of tokenized assets

A digital asset infrastructure for clients trading and operations

An access to a network of forward-thinking institutions to maximize synergies

A tokenization platform

An all inclusive stablecoin platform

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Security &
anti fraud

Simultaneously get the absolute best security & modernize your client experience

Enhance your security by integrating an Anti-Fraud Authentication/ Signature solution powered by our trustless Multi-Party Computation (tMPC).


Dashboard for monitoring

Modernize your infrastructure while increasing your compliance efficiency

• Compliance thresholds and alerts
• Block and unblock users
• Analyse activity across the Network

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Take full control of your Asset network

- User Management for your platform
- Receive and send deposits and withdrawals
- Automate workflows to maxize efficiency.

io.network streamlines the process of authentication & the management of deposit addresses across connected counterparties.

Most importantly, prevents asset loss due to deposit address spoofing, malware and human errors.

Core banking agnostic

Core banking agnostic enabling swift deployment in just days without any technical obstacles.
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Powered by io.chain the private & permissioned enterprise blockchain.



Tx Speed




The Virtual Signer

Scale your operations without compromising on security

The Virtual Signer allows organizations using io.finnet to allocate secret shares to an external server that will participate in signing on a 24/7 basis

Increase the level of security

restrict employees to only send transactions within a given quota to pre-approved addresses.

Improve your operations efficiency

plugin custom/3rd-party systems. Automate everything, remove all manual processes.

Enjoy a better

online signers will co-sign instantly and not block the process.

Make your business scalable

create unlimited vaults secured with tMPC.

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Banks & payment

Also, for Financial institutions looking for a fully integrated and MiCA compliant stablecoin infrastructure

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Who need access to exchanges and stablecoin issuers for transactions on a 24/7/365 basis.

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Who need automated 24/7/365 solutions for issuance and redemptions of assets in a secure manner.

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Digital asset exchanges & custodians

Who look to facilitate 24/7/365 multi-currency fiat deposits and withdrawals for their platform.

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