rebuilding trust in finance

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“We see ourselves as the architects of modern finance building tomorrow's financial infrastructure”
-CEO, io.finnet Gregory Pepin
io.finnet vision

Over the past years, our team has devoted extensive resources to understanding and solving the common challenges faced by digital asset operators and their banking partners.

At io.finnet, we believe that technology can level the playing field in finance. Our mission is to rebuild trust in the financial world by providing secure, seamless, and regulatory-friendly products.

As a leading provider of core infrastructure for both traditional finance and modern digital assets finance, we specialize in enterprise blockchain, cryptographic security, multi-party computing (MPC), and lightning-fast secure APIs.

Our cutting-edge solutions cater to banks and corporations seeking instant settlement solutions, seamless multi-currency transactions, and to self-custody digital assets.

Io FinNet Group Inc. (io.finnet) is a US-based FinTech Group with several entities including in the UK, the Cayman Islands and Singapore.



The global financial sector, including cryptocurrency, faced major turbulence this year. Controversy after controversy with growing animosity, the crypto sphere has come under increasing public scrutiny and the narrative has been clearly negative. We’ve seen a lot of parallels between the 2022 crypto events and the collapse that sparked the 2008 Financial Crisis, ” Lehman Brothers moments.” However, nobody thought it was the end of the capital market in 2008; rather, it was an opportunity for smarter regulation and behaviors.

It also coincided with the birth of blockchain and the need from individuals for more transparency and ownership. Blockchain technology has since proven that it could be the foundation of an alternative financial system: a financial system based on greater individuals’ control over their wealth. This is not the first time that the crypto industry has been hit by a major crash, and after the market crisis in 2018, the ecosystem became increasingly centralized, which increased the risks. We see this as an opportunity for better collaboration about regulation topics, and an opportunity for centralized actors to go back to the principles of blockchain: transparency and allowing its customers better ownership and therefore rebuild trust in finance.

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