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"We democratize MPC, making it accessible to the connected world."

CEO, io.finnet Gregory Pepin

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Io FinNet Group Inc. (io.finnet) is a US-based company with offices in the UK, Spain, the Cayman Islands, and Singapore.
We are a technology company that provides secure access to Digital Asset Infrastructure for various industries, including finance. We specialize in enterprise blockchain, cryptographic security, multi-party computing (MPC), and lightning-fast secure APIs.

Our comprehensive product portfolio includes, a 24/7 instant settlement platform that leverages private blockchain technology; io.vault, a self-custody solution enabling businesses to manage their digital assets securely and io.flow, enabling enterprises to access a network of payment providers to process multi-currency transactions through local and cross border payment rails.

What sets io.finnet apart is our tech architecture, trustless Multi-Party Computing (tMPC), an innovative solution enhancing security by distributing weighted signing authority among multiple participants.


Letter from the CEO

At io.finnet, we believe everyone deserves access to powerful security tools in our increasingly interconnected world. We're a team of innovators committed to making cutting-edge technology like Multi-party Computation (MPC) and Blockchain accessible, so individuals and organizations can navigate the future with confidence.

Our journey began in 2021, driven by a simple yet powerful insight: the potential of MPC and Blockchain extended far beyond their current use in digital assets. As data breaches and cyber threats escalated, we knew these transformative tools could be the key to a more secure connected world. Our unique approach, trustless MPC, is redefining how we interact with WEB3.

We're dedicated to breaking down barriers and making MPC, Homomorphic Encryption, and Blockchain technology understandable and usable for all. Our expertise in modern finance and beyond enables us to build infrastructure and applications that set a new standard for security.

In an era where digital growth outpaces security innovation, we see an opportunity to level the playing field. We're committed to creating solutions that enhance interoperability, protect data, and empower participation in a globally connected world.

For companies managing digital assets, scalability and security are paramount. Traditional solutions fall short, with vulnerabilities and dependencies that erode trust. io.finnet empowers organizations to take control of their assets, ensuring seamless integration and unwavering security. In the wake of high-profile failures like Celsius and BlockFi, we offer a resilient alternative to third-party custodianship.

Our vision is bold: a world where technology is a force for security, connection, and empowerment. With our trustless MPC platform, the possibilities are endless. Join us as we innovate, disrupt, and democratize the future of security.

Together, let's empower individuals and organizations to navigate the digital world with the confidence and safety they deserve.

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